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In the German legal system investigators / detectives are indispensable in order to get justice, as provided by law.

The involvement of a lawyer for one's own interests is often not sufficient. Only for criminal cases exists a so-called “official duty”. This would be done by the prosecution assisted by the police.
Especially in the areas of labour law, patent law, copyright law, and family law does the local legal system not foresee “mandatory investigation”.
In order to help a client to get justice a lawyer needs irrefutable evidence or prove a causal relationship. If the argument lacks strength, employment of private investigators is often the most likely mitigation. This allows researchers, i.e. to identify witnesses, uncover criminal acts like fraud, etc. etc.

These activities of private investigators are supported by our legal system. The

examples of JUDGMENTS below show how the outputs of private investigations were

used in court cases and that related cost could be recovered.

  1. Bundesarbeitsgericht (BAG) 03.12.1985, AZ 3 AZR 277/84
  2. OLG Stuttgart, 15.03.89, 8 WF 96/88
  3. Arbeitsgericht Hagen, AZ 3 Ca 618/90
  4. OLG Koblenz, 24.10.90 AZ 14 NW 671/90
  5. OLG Nürnberg, 29.11.90, 4 W 3657/90 u. v. m.

Consequently, several courts decided that:

Indispensable are our activities also in enforcement since debtors are becoming more inventive in trying to avoid the threat of enforcement or consciously and deliberately commit insolvency. This is particularly important for legal persons, the director of a GmbH can - on conviction by the criminal court – be held liable with their private means.

can help you do make your case successfully and recover your claims.